Dr. Neubauer Explosion

Dr. Neubauer Explosion

Dr.Neubauer EXPLOSION –

Short pimples with high speed and disruptive effect

Until now short and half-long pimple rubbers always came with a trade-off between speed and disruptive effect produced. EXPLOSION is a new type of short pimple rubber that combines both: The rubber enables to produce a very dynamic game through counter-attacking and hitting with all sponge thicknesses. At the same time a low bounce is created especially when used with thin sponge, resulting in direct mistakes by your opponent. Blocking will also produce a low trajectory unlike most other short pimple rubbers on the market. EXPLOSION does not only allow for classic blocking, but also for a "drop shot" that can be returned very short over the net. A slight forward movement while blocking will also cause trouble to your opponent as the ball literally "freezes" in the air. A thin sponge thickness of 1.2 or 1.5mm is naturally more effective for that. EXPLOSION is a great match for players seeking both high speed and strong efficacy but it will require some experience and practice.

Färg: Röd eller Svart

Tjocklek: 1,2mm, 1,5mm , 1,8mm , 2,0mm

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