Donic bord World Champion TC

Donic bord World Champion TC

Donic bord World Champion TC

The highest quality standard and design. DONIC introduces the World Champion TC, a new generation of automatic tables with "Twin Compact technic", which meets the highest requirements for safety, durability, set-up and playing characteristics. The modern design, the carefully selected materials and the dimensions make this table a "WORLD CHAMPION" in a true sense of the phrase. The 25mm Nanogrip playing surface, combined with a perfectly balanced undercarriage, ensures top playing characteristics and true bounce. A classic finish and the use of top quality solid metals guarantee high stability and a long-playing life. Safety: A modern set up mechanism constructed in strong metal ensures that the table is easy to use. A broad wheelbase prevents the table from overbalancing. Delivery: In a special box. The table only requires a few minor adjustments before it is ready for play. Technical specifications: Complies with new Industrial regulations DIN EN 14468 -1, class A for high performance sport, ITTF-approved. 25 mm Nanogrip playing surface in blue.

Ram: 60 x 20 mm.
Foldable legs: 80 mm diameter steel tubing welded with 60 x 20 mm flat galvanised steel. The height of the table can be adjusted as required.
Undercarriage: Galvanised steel construction.
Cross stabilisation: 50 x 30 mm
Covered mechanical side-drive
Leg height adjustor: 30 x 15 mm, silver, galvanised metal
Wheels: 4 driving wheels 125 mm with rubber tyres, 2 with brakes
Storage dimensions: 1600 x 810 x 1580 mm
Weight: approx. 150 kg

Suitable for wheelchair players (40cm leg space, 35cm height). The table can be adjusted for playback

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